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The graffiti artist known as Revs won’t expose his true name, like many others in the street art culture. He was originally known as Revlon but later shortened his name after contemplating suicide one night on the Manhattan Bridge. Of this pivotal moment, Rev has said: “I just walked down from the bridge, and ever since that day, I’ve known what to do.”











Philosophy and Style

Revs has been collaborating with Adam Cost (“Cost”) since the 1990s, creating wheat paste stickers, roller pieces, murals, sculptures, and spray-painted diary entries on buildings, billboards, and crosswalk signals.

Speaking for both artists, Revs stated in an Artforum magazine interview in 1994: “We think art should be dangerous, …. Everybody’s into safe art … doing safe things in their studio. We’re bringing danger back into it. It’s got to be on the edge, where it’s not allowed.”

He is adamantly opposed to selling his artwork.

Plymouth Street, DUMBO


On the topic of other graffiti writers he admires, Revs has said: “I’ve always liked Lee [Quinone]’s stuff. He put his heart and soul on the wall, and not a lot of guys do that. I really respect that a lot.”

REVS cutout at the top of a pole

Collaborations/Other Projects

The artist’s only gallery show, in Philadelphia in 2000, was to raise money so he could pay a lawyer after he was arrested for subway graffiti. He prefers to remain an outsider, with his work only being seen outside in New York City.


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