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East Village


Horror themed Street Art on Second and Avenue A. 


Bond Street near Lafayette


Obama on Houston Street at corner of The Bowery. 


Tags on a roll-up shutter on E. 1st Street. In spite of the soaring property values, expensive real estate, new luxury condos and gentrification, graf still lives in the Village.

West Village/NYU Campus


Caught this on my way home from Info Systems! Washington Place near Broadway. 

Lower East Side

Keith Haring Mural reconstruction, Houston and Bowery

Restoring Graffiti 

Keith Haring’ s first major outdoor mural below was created in 1982. The mural was destroyed and non-existing for year until today. Located on the corner of HOUSTON & BOWERY



A peeling Swoon work . Stanton, near Essex



Street art in the sky…


Swinging babies

China Town 


Tommy Hilfiger branding and Native American imagery. Broome Street between The Bowery and Elizabeth Street 



11 Spring Street 

Catch it soon before this graffiti legend turns into condos!



Banksy Rat. Grand street and Wooster. Three-story high commisioned rat donning the iconic ‘I heart NY’ t-shirt. 


Banksy Rat Mural. West Houston and MacDougal. “There’s no such thing as good publicity” It depicts a rat painting over a Fox advertisement.


Simpson Street, Bronx

Detail from a wall by Tats Cru, the self-proclaimed mural kings, whose work decorates many Bronx businesses. 


F Train Tunnel, Brooklyn


Legendary street artist REVS has written his life story for the public to see. These diary entries are inside the subway tunnels, between stations. This one, page 25 of 100, describes REVS’ trip to Atlantic City.


Berry and North 10th Streets, Williamsburg, Brooklyn


An apocalyptic mural depicting a city ravaged by giant villains and evil buildings.


Dumbo, Brooklyn 


Contextual shot of DUMBO, Brooklyn street art on a renovated factory building that now has multi-million dollar condos and lofts apartments. 


Sunnyside, Queens


A building at 34th Street and the Long Island Expressway service road has become a mecca for graffiti art.



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