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The culture of street art is often characterized as a statement against the marketability of art, representing freedom of expression through an anti-establishment sentiment. A direct connection between artist and audience is created when art is experienced in a public setting. Street artists aren’t dependent on a gallery or institution to create and exhibit their work.

And yet, street art has proven to be a commercially viable form of expression; works by many now-famous street artists are sold at auctions and through museums and galleries. Banksy is one such artist whose art sells for hundreds of thousands (even millions) of dollars, much to his apparent disgust.

banksy4602.jpgI Can’t Believe You Morons Buy This Shit, Banksy

And yet, however much Banksy may claim to be revolting against the art market, the popularity of his works cannot be denied and his sentiments haven’t affected the people buying them.

In addition to street art being sold at auctions, many museums and galleries exhibit street art and in doing so support living street artists. Decide for yourself which side of the fence you’re on, but at least go check out the following such New York galleries!

The Jonathan LeVine Gallery is located in Chelsea and has exhibited the works of street artists such as Blek le Rat and Shepard Fairey.

The Ad Hoc Art Gallery in Brooklyn has represented Swoon, Judith Supine, Shepard Fairey, Elbow Toe, Blek le Rat, and Gaia.

In Bedford-Stuyvesant, the Brooklynite Gallery is currently exhibiting works by the Kuildoosh collective. Learn more about Kuildoosh here.



Cheim & Read Gallery in Chelsea has exhibited works by Lady Pink, among others.

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