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News About Street Art and Artists From Around the World…


Show introduces youths to professional art world (Dec 15, 2008)


Takin’ it from the streets (Dec 14, 2008)










Street art comes indoors (Dec 13, 2008)


French Street Artist Dreams of New Starts in Brooklyn (Dec 12, 2008)


Hong Kong Graffiti: Not for Lack of Inspiration (Dec 12, 2008)


Underground art makes holiday visit (Dec 11, 2008)


Matt Small and JR Take Top Prizes at First Ever Street Art Awards (Dec 10, 2008)


‘Guerilla’ Advertising Masquerades as Graffiti (Dec 10, 2008)


Recession Culture: Skip Museums For Brooklyn’s Street Art (Dec 10, 2008)


Controversial New UK Artist – The Next Banksy? (Dec 10, 2008)


Writing on wall for boom (Dec 8, 2008)


Development may cover up Banksy mural (Dec 8, 2008)


Street art exhibition at Royal Ontario Museum looks at poverty, homelessness (Dec 8, 2008)


Speeding cars, fleeting art (Dec 7, 2008)


A Voice for the People: Chile’s Murals Are a Gallery of the Streets (Dec 6, 2008)

Graffiti wars (Dec 5, 2008)


Two artists’ medium is street junk (Dec 5, 2008)

Urban street artists recognized at the Street Art Awards Ceremony in London on Dec 5, 2008

Molotow Rose, by Data


Street Meets Effete in Tag Show (Dec 4, 2008)


Writing on the Wall (Dec 4, 2008)


All-new cover versions: The best new street artists have been let loose in a record shop (Dec 4, 2008)


40th Anniversary of Graffiti Art Witnesses the Discovery of a ‘Lost’ Limited Edition of Old School G (Dec 3, 2008)


The perfect lift off for graffiti and overspray (Dec 3, 2008)


Underground Graffiti Artists Enter the Mainstream (Dec 2, 2008)


Graffiti for grown-ups (Nov 28, 2008)


Art on the streets (Nov 28, 2008)


New strategy for graffiti, communities (Nov 25, 2008)


Artists hit streets to paint the town (Nov 22, 2008)


Watsonville Brown Beret mural raises questions about public art (Nov 21, 2008)


Paint Misbehavin’: The story behind artists who use the streets as their canvas (Nov 21, 2008)


Listen to a BBC broadcast about street art here. (Nov 21, 2008)


Don’t miss “Street Art, Street Life” at The Bronx Museum (closing Jan 25, 2009)

“Street Art, Street Life examines the street as subject matter, venue and source of inspiration for artists and photographers from the late 1950s to the present.”


Primary Fight Brings Street Art Ethos to Basel (Nov 19, 2008)



Santa Cruz Sculpt Tour (Nov 19, 2008)


Sidewalk Artists Take To The Streets (Nov 19, 2008)


Gaze at ‘outdoor art’ (Nov 18, 2008)


A Rat’s Life (Nov 18, 2008)

Invisible Man


But here graffiti is OK (Nov 18, 2008)


Art? Council knows what it doesn’t like (Nov 18, 2008)


Street artists trickle into Taipei (Nov 18, 2008)


Artist backs street art web sale (Nov 15, 2008)


Artist leaves his art on streets (Nov 15, 2008)


Banksy rat boosts pub sale price (Oct 31, 2008)


Where Fish Sticks Swim Free and Chicken Nuggets Self-Dip (Oct 9, 2008)


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